District A 2009 Race Recap

My thoughts about the campaign for Houston City Council District A:

First, THANK YOU for your support. I could not have done this without everyone’s hard work and faith in me. As you may know, I am 24 years old. I have been working in government for several years now.  I ran to make a difference in the community and in Houston. My Master’s degree is in Counseling Psychology, so I have always wanted to help people. I know I can do that on a larger scale with government.

I have always said that I hate politics but love government (when done properly). That has not changed. It is really difficult for young people to get elected, even when that young person has the experience to perform the job. The Republican Party has to start moving away from their current mentality when it comes to looking for ideal candidates. The demographics of the United States is changing, and many people want to vote for someone just like they are. It is time to start recognizing other types of people as reputable candidates.

It is also time to start picking your battles. Recognize what issues are important to you, and support the candidate who will stand up with you on those issues. Unless you are in office yourself, you will NEVER find a candidate or elected official who you agree with 100% of the time. If you keep voting against the elected official or against the candidate who disagrees with you on one minor issue that you will forget about in a few months, then you are losing sight of what is really important to you. With the way the country is going now, we need you to stand up for your important values.

With all that being said, I am happy with how the campaign has turned out. I am thankful and humbled by all of the support. The 2,879 votes I received shows that people are ready for new types of leadership in the party and in Houston. Here is some interesting info from the campaign:

Amount of money spent by each candidate per vote (Up until 8-day out finance forms):


 As you can see, $ doesn’t always equal votes.

After the race, I supported Brenda Stardig in the runoff.  She is a republican and, therefore, is more in line with my views (and my supporters’ views) than Lane Lewis.  As I said before, you have to stand up for the person who is going to stand up for your values. Good luck to Brenda.  I am sure she will do a great job.  You have not heard the last from me in the political world.  I will continue to be active in my community and will continue to look for positions where I can generate positive change, like this blog.


One Response to District A 2009 Race Recap

  1. Tia says:

    Gah! Election day is amazing. This year my emolyper at a proposition on the ballot and I spent countless hours campaigning. Voting for something I worked so hard for took the whole thing (which I”m already a complete geek about) up a notch.

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