Dynamo Troubles

Houston officials are still looking for a new location to put the proposed Dynamo soccer stadium.  The problem is that it will require a lot of land and money, two things that the City doesn’t have a lot of to go around.  One of the location ideas is just north of Bellaire.  Bellaire mayor, Cindy Siegel, said the location would bring “traffic, noise, pollution and parking problems” to the city.  Houston City Councilwoman Anne Clutterbuck also expressed concern for putting a stadium in her district, where traffic would greatly become a congested on game days.

The City bought 12 acres of land downtown to possibly use for the stadium.  Yes, possibly.  Maybe they should have had back up plans for this before buying land that might not now be used.  Besides this land that the City bought for an amount I have yet to see, they are expected to use $10 million with another $10 million from Harris County.  This is in addition to the $60 million that Dynamo will put up for the stadium.

I am all for stadiums when and only when they bolster the economy, but is this really a stadium that the City of Houston should (or can) pay for?  How many years will it take to pay back $10 million from sales taxes?

The total bill of $70 million for this stadium was projected to be $50 million back in December 2008.  An increase of $20 million?  Imagine if you handled the finances of a business and were off by that much.  You would get fired, or the business would fail, and then you would be fired.  The numbers just keep going up, and I see no plans by Houston or Dynamo.  This $70 million doesn’t even account for all the new roads the City will have to build to support the stadium.

If people wanted this stadium that badly, why not try again to raise the money privately? It seems the City of Houston might be better off just funding the road projects to support the stadium rather than the stadium itself. That, to me, would seem like a better way to help “kickoff” the new stadium.


One Response to Dynamo Troubles

  1. Dawood Mirza says:

    Hi Amy nice write up. It will be nice if a corporate sponsor funds the stadium privately.

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