Flooding Survey

Council Member Costello has a survey on his website about flooding in Houston:

“The Flooding and Drainage Committee is charged with considering regulatory and permitting functions affecting flooding and drainage incorporated in Code of Ordinances Chapter 19 (Floodplain) and 47 (Storm Drainage Discharge); long-range planning for funding of drainage infrastructure; communication with affected stakeholders, including recommendations concerning coordination with other entities such as the federal and state government, Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties and the Harris County Flood Control District.

This survey will help guide the Flooding and Drainage Committee as it assesses the City’s drainage infrastructure and seeks to upgrade City’s storm water management capabilities.  Your opinions and experiences related to these issues will aid the Flooding and Drainage Committee in determining current and long term needs.”

Please click here to fill out the survey so they can have accurate data.  Great job to Council Member Costello.  He seems to really understand how important this issue is to Houstonians, and he is actively trying to fix flooding.


2 Responses to Flooding Survey

  1. Seems like a good start. Establishing a long term plan now – especially regarding replacement of aging infrastructure – can really help. Community acceptance is much more difficult to generate when the utility or service managers seems surprised when something fails or needs to be replaced.


  2. peckblog says:

    Sorry for just accepting that comment today. It went to the spam comments for some reason. I allow all comments, so I wasn’t aware I had any to accept. Thanks for your comment!

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