Biodegradable Bags – At Least We Know They Are Biodegradable!

The biodegradable bag program just started, and there are already problems.  Surprised?  Of course not.

According to this Chronicle article, the bags are “too small, too thin, too expensive and too hard to find in stores”.  I said that they are too expensive and too hard to find back in this January blog!  Too bad our elected officials didn’t listen.  Houstonians are now complaining that the bags are too thin and that they must be kept dry… It’s a good thing we live in a dry city!  (that was sarcasm, no need to send me e-mails about how much rain we get here).  At least we know the bags are actually biodegradable!  However, they are too thin to do the ONLY job that the bag is meant to do: hold leaves and trimmings.

I hope Houston City Council recycles this program and moves on to other solutions to save money and landfill space.  Here is the suggestion I wrote about in January:
If we are going to save $1.5 million by requiring people to use these bags, why not use SOME of that money to buy garbage cans to give to people to fill with their clippings?  We already provide bins to neighborhoods where we pick up recycling items (not every area of Houston has this yet).  Surely garbage bins are better than any kind of bag because you can reuse (you know, recycle) them.  Then if someone has too many clippings for the cans, they can go and buy the bags for the rest of the work.  Now that’s a way to go green while keeping the green in your pocket and the city’s.


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