This is Not the Best Way to Build Houston Up

According to this Houston Chronicle article, James Noteware, Houston’s new Director of Housing and Community Development, is being sued by two banks… for more than $400,000… for money borrowed for HOUSING projects.   That’s almost like a US Treasury secretary not paying taxes.

Now I know that sometimes projects don’t end the way you want and that you sometimes have to walk away from deals where a lot of money was involved; however, the person I want heading up our housing department should be the best and shouldn’t get themselves in a $400,000 housing problem. 

Noteware said “’at some point, we had to basically give up’”.  Well that’s nice.  Houston has housing problems, so are we going to give up on that too?  What happened to the vetting process where we search for the best and brightest to run our programs?  Noteware might be really great at what he does (except for these mistakes), but Mayor Parker really should have thought twice before appointing a housing director with current housing-related problems.  It doesn’t look good for her, and it doesn’t bode well for us.


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