Budget Cut Idea: CUT THE BUDGET!

While Houston City Council is scrutinizing the budget in preparation for the vote, many ideas have been suggested in regards to cutting the budget.  The newest suggestion is to increase fees at city-owned golf courses from $2 to $5 per round.  Clearly our council members don’t know the difference between cutting the budget and raising fees.

 Why do we even have these golf courses?  Can’t we just sell them and allow a private company to run them instead?  The Brock Golf Course lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years, and yet, money was “found” to keep it open.  Council Member Jarvis Johnson was the major proponent for this.  Although he plans to raise private funds for the course (in addition to tax dollars), why keep something that drains our budget and doesn’t offer us a necessary service?  Maybe we could keep it if it made us money, but it doesn’t appear to be managed in a way that will ever yield money.

 Here are some more questions that no one has answers to: 1. Do we know WHY the courses are losing so much money and how to fix it? 2. Why the raise from $2 to $5?  3. Was that based on any logic/study, or was that a guess?

 Our budget problems will NEVER be solved if we continue to use quick fixes and rate increases to balance the horribly managed budget.  It’s time for real answers and real solutions.


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