Poll on Term Limits

According to a new poll conducted by Rice University and the Center for Civic Engagement, Houstonians support term limits for the city’s elected officials.  Houstonians are, however, willing to change the length of the limits. 

“More than half of the respondents favored keeping the current limit of three two-year terms for Houston officials. However, after hearing a series of related questions on the effects of term limits, that support dropped to 39 percent. Only a tiny segment of Houstonians (2 percent) favored eliminating term limits altogether.” (see article here).

84 percent of Houstonians agreed that “term limits ensure that we’ll get new people with fresh ideas coming into city office.” But 61 percent also agreed that “with term limits forcing elected city officials out of office after a maximum of six years, lobbyists and special interests now have too much power and influence at City Hall.”  I disagree with the last statement.  When elected officials are in office a long time, it seems many begin to rely on lobbyists’ opinions and influence.  The less time they are in office, the less time they have to worry about a lobbyist they might never see again after their term is up.

For my other blogs about term limits, see here , here, and here (the last one has some interesting data I found about term limits in Houston).


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