New Term Limit Recommendations

The results of Houston’s Term Limits Review Commission are finally in!  Their recommendation is to change existing limits from the current three 2-year term to a two 4-year term.  It’s not exactly what I was hoping for.  The new proposal will increase a possible term by two years.  I hoped that they would change it to a two 3-year term so that possible time serving in office would not change, but it would allow members to be free of constantly running for office, a task that can easily take away time from the job. 

Although it is not exactly what I hoped for, it could have been a lot worse (i.e. getting rid of limits altogether).  However, the part of their proposal that really irks me is their plan for current members: Those serving in their first terms will be allowed to run for two additional 4-year terms (10 years total in office); those serving in their second terms will be allowed to run for one additional four-year term (8 years in office); those serving in their third terms will not be allowed run again.  

The original reason the Commission gave for extending limits in the first place is that we need to keep experienced members around longer; however their proposal actually benefits newer members and not our experienced members.  Those serving in their third term would not be able to run again.  See something wrong with this?


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