Jarvis Johnson’s Allegations

Council Member Jarvis Johnson has been in the news a lot lately for allegedly nefarious reasons. I combed through various news sources to find all of his accusations.  Here is a recap for you:

– On June 29, 2010, around 9:45 PM, Johnson was pulled over by a police officer after allegedly speeding. The officer said that he evaded arrest by refusing to stop immediately. He finally pulled over near the Phoenix Outreach Youth Center.
– He was charged with a felony and released on bail.
– 27-year-old Candace Hurt, one of his city council aides, was in the car with him.
– He said that he hoped the incident had nothing to do with his constant questioning of the police in regards to speed traps.

– Phoenix Outreach Youth Center exaggerated the number of kids enrolled in its after-school program while Johnson was running it.
– While Johnson was in charge, he sold the charity to his sister. The deal was questionable (the charity was worth $118,000 but was being sold for $18,000). It was briefly investigated, but they told the public that some of the money raised would be used for remodeling. This did not happen.
– Phoenix paid more than $80,000 to a consulting company called RLH to manage its day care operations. RLH was hired one day before Johnson resigned even though RLH had just been in business for one week.
– Johnson listed himself as the president of RLH in his City Hall financial disclosure.
– One member of Phoenix’s board, who voted for the RLH deal, is now one of his top council aides. IRS records did not disclose this as they should. In fact, Phoenix’s IRS tax return does not disclose that Johnson is a director of RLH.
– One day after KTRK filed papers to see Phoenix’s financial records, RLH filed papers to remove Johnson’s name from the corporation.

Soliciting Endorsements:
– Johnson was accused of soliciting donations from government contractors.
– Johnson claimed that Kevin Simms, a former city council worker for Johnson, was the one who actually solicited donations and that Johnson had no knowledge of this.
– Simms was found to be a volunteer for Johnson who may or may not have created his own title himself of “Economic Development Coordinator”.
– Simms said that he didn’t do anything. Johnson arranged it.
– Simms recanted his story and said that Johnson did nothing wrong. Said “‘Once a black man — or two black men — start doing this, you want to pit them against each other; it’s not going to happen anymore’” (From KTRK).
– City e-mails written by Simms show that he was trying to raise money for special projects in Johnson’s district through a business called AAMSP (this company apparently pays for senior citizen projects).
– At an AAMSP executive committee meeting (attended by about 50 people), Simms and Johnson suggested that people pay $1,000 to join.  Johnson denied saying this.
– Steven McKinley of Stripes and Stops wrote a personal check of $2,500 to AAMSP. McKinley was looking for a city contract.
– AAMSP said they don’t have all of the money. Some of it went missing, and they don’t know where it went; however, after the $2,500 check was written, Johnson sent McKinley a thank you note for the $2,035 contribution.
– Johnson’s chief of staff sent Simms an e-mail for an invoice of $1,800 for Johnson’s son’s little league team.  An AAMSP employee paid this invoice.
– In 2008, Johnson used a city contractor for work on his home.  After voting in favor of two contracts where this company was a subcontractor, the company paid Johnson’s wife over $20,000, saying that the payment was a reimbursement for work they already did on his home that was billed to his mortgage company and added to his construction loan.  This investigation was closed in 2009.

Did I miss anything? Please leave a comment if I missed something!  Is he telling the truth? If he is, he surely has a lot of explaining to do, and the pubic deserves it, especially his constituents.


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