Houston Votes: Wrong or Wrongfully Accused?

Houston Votes, part of Texans Together, says it’s “a nonpartisan voter registration drive in Harris County. Its goal is to register 100,000 new voters by the October 4th deadline and turn out 50,000 new voters on election day” (from their website). It is now under investigation by Leo Vasquez, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar, after receiving information of the possible fraud from King Street Patriots.

First, see Vasquez’s allegations here.
Now see Houston Votes’ counter here (and more info here).

So is Houston Votes a mendacious and corrupt group, or are they simply plagued by a problem any group registering large numbers of people might face? It seems like most of their arguments against Vasquez’s allegations are just that he can’t prove his numbers. Not much of an argument; however, Houston Votes did fire over 30 employees after finding out that they were improperly registering people. I think that is important to note because it shows that perhaps they were not sanctioning improper registration (although it is unclear whether or not they reported to the tax office when they became aware of any of these instances).

Any group registering large numbers of people (whether the group is purposefully injurious or not) must take the extra step to avoid any indication of impropriety. Is the group wrong, or have they been wrongfully accused?  Check back for more information as the investigation continues.


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