City in Deep Water over Lack of Pool Regulations

Channel 11 News reviewed hundreds of pool inspection reports, and what they found was quite troubling. Houston has five inspectors to review nearly public 4,000 pools. Inspectors passed pools with missing safety features such as emergency phones, no life preservers, and substandard drain covers. While some of these items are covered under state and federal laws that the city cannot really enforce, they can recommend compliance with these laws. Not one pool was given a citation.

It might make sense that the city won’t want to write citations for items that they cannot enforce, but what about the items that fall under city ordinances, such as chlorine levels? Yes, pools were passed with NO chlorine at all!

To top it off, the only way the City Health Department sends someone to do an inspection is if the pool owner pays an $85 renewal fee for their annual pool permit…. Yes, you read that right. So if you don’t pay to renew your permit, they will leave you alone. And if you do pay $85 to renew your permit and you have federal, state, or city violations, they will leave you alone too…


Why are we paying for these five inspectors??


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