METRO Moving Forward With New Changes

METRO CEO and President George Greanias announced today that METRO’s budget for the 2011 fiscal year will be down by 31.2 percent (to just under $1 billion).  Greanias said that he is not going to spend money he does not know for sure METRO will have.  They have not received federal money ($600 million) they were expecting to expand. 

The budget neither calls for an increase in fares nor layoffs.  You can see the full budget here, but here are the highlights:

– A push for more use out of Park and Ride lots.
– A reduction in office supplies and perks for executives.
– A requirement for senior managers to ride public transportation 40 times a month.  Greanias said that they can only be successful if they use their own product and believe in it.
– Cutbacks in METRO’s car allowances and staff take-home cars.
– Advertising on the buses.
– Canceling its $28,000 annual contact with a company that cares for potted plants in its offices. 

Finally!  These are real changes that will make a real difference.  Thank you, George Greanias.  It sounds like you actually get it!


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