Election 2011

According to the Memorial Examiner, Ellen Cohen, former District 134 State Representative, is running for District C in the November 2011 election.  Anne Clutterbuck is term limited and cannot run again.  It makes sense that a liberal democrat will want to run in a fairly conservative district to make sure another republican does not get that seat.  District C makes sense for Cohen because it closely encompasses her district when she was a state representative.  It might be a winnable seat for her because of name recognition.  This would make perfect sense to me if the districts were staying the same.  After redistricting, District C might be completely different from what it is now.  There will be an at large seat open, so why not run for that?  She is a big name and might easily win an at large seat.  Also, why did she announce so early?  You can’t even file for a campaign treasurer until February, so why did she announce this early January?  The answers to these questions will likely come out as the campaign season progresses.

Those who announced so far that they are running for the at large seat Sue Lovell is term limited out of  are:
– Jennifer Pool – a GLBT activist who currently serves as the City Commissioner of the Building & Standards Commission and serves on the Police Advisory Commission. 
– Eric Dick – a lawyer who, according to his Facebook page is “looking for actors for tv commercials” and already has a campaign treasurer.  You are not allowed to spend money or announce a treasurer until February.
– Amy Peck – Maybe…


One Response to Election 2011

  1. tony goodwin says:

    To be fair, this is what the code says:

    Sec. 18-35. – Restricted period for solicitations and contributions.

    A candidate for city office at a city general election may neither solicit nor receive contributions except during a period commencing on the 1st day of February prior to the day of the election, and ending on the 4th day of March following the election date for the race that the candidate has entered. In the event that the candidate should be in a run-off election, the final date to receive or solicit contributions shall be the 4th day of April following the election date.

    Candidates for city office at a special election to fill a vacancy for an unexpired term may neither solicit nor receive contributions except during a period commencing upon the date that the election for which the person is a candidate is called and ending 90 calendar days after the election date, including run-off elections if such candidate is on the ballot.

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