Dynamo is a Done Deal

Today Houston City Council voted unanimously to give the Dynamo what is projected to be a $3 million sales tax rebate over 30 years.  I’m not against the concept of giving tax incentives to businesses looking to come to Houston.  In fact, I campaigned on this idea when I ran for office in 2009; however, giving this tax break to the Dynamo is a complete waste of money!  Any business person knows that you only give an incentive to someone BEFORE they sign the contract.  Incentives are used to close deals! The Dynamo groundbreaking ceremony is on Saturday (2-4 PM).  They are coming with or without this “incentive”, so why give them extra money on top of the millions Houston is already paying for their stadium?


One Response to Dynamo is a Done Deal

  1. Katharina says:

    Very good tips! I have been hunting for everything similar to this for a while currently. Thank you!

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