More on Jolanda Jones v. Houston Fire Department

New information was just released regarding the feud between Council Member Jolanda Jones and Fire Station Number 8.  You may remember that Jeff Caynon with the Houston Professional Firefighters Association said that CM Jones came into this fire station on a scavenger hunt with her staff and then told firefighters “‘you guys got four (expletive) stoves and four (expletive) refrigerators… you guys don’t work.  You come here and just sit around and sit down on your recliners and watch TV'” (from KTRK).

Upon questioning her office about this incident, her staff responded that CM Jones “is a colorful person.”  She later released a statement saying that there was an obvious misunderstanding.  Now her staff came forward with a recording of this incident.  Apparently one of her staff members just got a new iPhone and thought he was taking pictures.  Instead he was actually taking video of the incident and didn’t realize it until now.  In the video, CM Jones doesn’t curse or demean the firefighters in any way.  In fact, it sounds as if she and the firefighters are having a good time.

Watch the video here:

So what in the world is going on here??  Did one person really make up this whole incident?  Was her video changed in any way?  Why did it take so long for those who were there to come forward to debunk this story?  The OIG cleared CM Jones of any wrongdoing after some firefighters who were there at the time came forward, but we have no information on what they said at the OIG hearing or if what actually happened was anything close to the allegations against her.  The video only shows a portion of the time she and her staff were there, so we don’t know what happened the rest of the time; however, she has been cleared of wrongdoing, and the video doesn’t show any misconduct, so it seems this matter seems to be closed, but I hope they look further into this matter, and if anyone was lying, I hope they are fired.


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