Houston is the Gestapo??

Council Member Jolanda Jones is quoted saying that the Historic Preservation ordinances are Gestapo tactics.  She said “‘Private property rights are important, and when they took land from the Jewish people, they took it.  It was a public policy argument. No, there’s not death associated, but we’re supposed to be a democracy, and if the government can just come and take your private property, what else are they going to take?’” 

The Historic Preservation ordinances do not take property from people.  These ordinances aren’t the best, and I think they need more work, but they only place restrictions on demolitions and renovations.  The City cannot seize property because of these ordinances.   It seems CM Jones’ grasp of reality is as clear as her grasp of history.  

I understand that CM Jones doesn’t like the ordinances and was trying to make a point; however, the mass extermination of people is not something to take lightly.  Her comparison minimizes the Holocaust. 

When Mayor Annise Parker was asked about this comparison, she said “‘Council Member Jones says and does a lot of things that mystify me, so I’m just going to leave that one alone.’”  Maybe her best line to date?


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