Houston Drainage Fee Drains Pockets

Sample water bills were sent out to homeowners so they could get an idea of how much they will owe next month when they have to pay for real.  Unfortunately, about 50 people sent in money to pay the bills, saying that the word “sample” written on the bill was too light to see. 
This sample bill also included a “refuse fee” that the city doesn’t even have.  Although it was corrected, how in the world did someone come up with that?  If there is no refuse fee, where did they get that number from?  Was it just made up?
Council Member Mike Sullivan said that it is a “‘waste of taxpayer money.  It’s bad management. It’s poor oversight. And frankly, I’m embarrassed as a council member that we did this to our constituents, and I want to publicly apologize to them.'”  I agree with his sentiment, but it is a new tax, and people should be prepared to know how much they need to be ready to pay next month. 
Furthermore, many homeowners have found that their fee is not accurate, and many are concerned that they will be paying much more than the $5 monthly fee they expected when they voted on Proposition 1.  As I said before, the $5/month was an estimate, and you have to expect that $5 will only go up and never down; however, I can see why people are upset.  They were told one thing and got another, and people are sick and tired of this being the case in government.
If you don’t think your bill is accurate, go to this website  and look at the information.  If you still feel like it is wrong, there is an appeal process online.  They won’t fix it unless you take the initiative.


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