Jolanda Jones Violated City Ordinances

The Office of Inspector General determined that Council Member Jolanda Jones used her position as an elected official to solicit clients for her private law practice after volunteers passed out fliers at an event urging people to never speak with the police unless they talk to a lawyer first (see flyer here).  CM Jones said that she did not break any rules because she was acting as a private citizen and was invited to the event as a lawyer, not a council member.
The flyer does not mention that she is a council member, but it does provide her council office number to report misconduct.  This is where the conflict of interest comes into play.  If her office receives information about police misconduct, there is nothing her staff members can do.  It needs to be reported to Internal Affairs within HPD.  So what did she intend her staff to do with the information if someone called her office about misconduct?  Refer them to her law office? 
She also instructed her staff members not to meet with OIG investigators, which means that she is in violation of failing to cooperate and interfering with the investigation.  The most egregious allegation against her, however, is that she used her city staff on city time (TAX DOLLARS) to notarize documents for her law practice, fax legal papers, and drive her to court hearings (related to her private business).  She allegedly did this before expressing her concern to city council that slashing council’s office budgets by 10% is too much because their employees are essential.  I agree that they are essential in making sure the city runs properly, but driving her around on the city dime is not essential.  In fact, it is illegal!
Mayor Parker recently stated that she does not believe CM Jones should face criminal charges, although that is left up to City Attorney David Feldman.  Mayor Parker said that CM Jones will need to face city council to determine if she should be reprimanded, censured, or even impeached.  I agree that she should face impeachment by city council, but I don’t agree with Mayor Parker that she should not face criminal charges.  It is not as if there is one minor mistake here.  She is a lawyer and should have a better grasp on the law and, therefore, know that what she did violated ordinances.  But do you really need a law degree to know that city workers should do city tasks??  It seems like she made a series of poor choices and inappropriate behavior. How can someone with disregard for the law be the one to create it?


3 Responses to Jolanda Jones Violated City Ordinances

  1. Alison says:

    Yikes! Someone should challenge her in the next election, this is unacceptable.

  2. Melia says:

    In awe of that answer! Relaly cool!

    • Ismael says:

      By brownfield December 27, 2012 – 7:42 pmWhy would they? It can only innicmriate them. Let’s face it the rich are running out of places to suck money from. Manifest Destiny is over Empire is on the wane .they have used lobbyists to loot the federal treasury to the point of no return .and now the last bastion is the state and local coffers. After that .time for the parasites to find a new host. We are screwed and going to the courthouse or some other government entity seeking redress is hopeless.

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