Council Member Al Hoang Accused of Forgery

Council Member Al Hoang is accused by homeowners on Turtlewood Drive of forging their names to a petition to change their street name to Little Saigon Drive. To officially file a petition, city policy says that 75 percent of  the homeowners must sign. A lawsuit against CM Hoang and five others claims a petition, without enough signatures, was given to CM Hoang who later turned it into the City Planning and Development Department with an extra 16 names on it, bringing it up to 75 percent.  The 16 extra homeowners on the list say they did not sign the document. 

KHOU questioned CM Hoang.  Here is the conversation:
I-Team: “Did you forge 16 names on that street name change petition?”
Hoang: “No.”
I-Team: “Then how did those names get there?”
Hoang: “They (inaudible) to my nanny.” 
I-Team: “Your nanny?” 
Hoang: “My nanny.” 
I-Team: “Your nanny did it?” 
Hoang: “I do not know for sure.” 
I-Team: “Who’s your nanny?”
Hoang: “At this point she doesn’t work for me anymore.” 
I-Team: “Can we talk to her?” 
Hoang: “If we can find her, yes.” 
I-Team: “So the nanny who may, or may not have forged these signatures is nowhere to be found?” 
Hoang: “She’s (inaudible), but I don’t know, I haven’t found her yet.”

Really?  The nanny who he conveniently can’t find?  A little more information would have been nice.  Although it is possible that one of the other 5 people being sued (or the nanny) did something deceptive and illegal instead of CM Hoang, he still did wrong by asking City Council to change the name (no petition needed) after he knew about the forgery.  So he knew that less that 75 percent of the homeowners wanted this change and that forgery was involved and went ahead with it anyway.  He said this will promote tourism and economic development, but there is no way it will bring in so much money to the street what warranted it to be changed right away in opposition to homeowners!  I am outraged by the blatant disregard for what constituents want, and I am disheartened to see so many allegations against council members lately.  If CM Hoang has more to say, I will surely keep an open mind, but it doesn’t look good so far.


One Response to Council Member Al Hoang Accused of Forgery

  1. Alison says:

    I agree, this looks really bad. It’s quite a convenient excuse! Does he even have a name for this nanny? Or was the whole nanny involvement invented also?

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