More on Council Member Al Hoang’s Possible Forgery

Mayor Annise Parker is requesting an investigation by Houston’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) into the forgery allegations against Council Member Al Hoang.  CM Hoang is accused of forging signatures on a petition to change the street name of Turtlewood to Little Saigon Drive.
It seems completely ridiculous that he would need to forge signatures.  There are two ways to change a street name: get enough signatures, or bring it before City Council.  He is a council member, so he could easily bring it up for a vote (which he tried to do).  So why forge names? 

In my previous post, I said that even if CM Hoang didn’t forge the names, he shouldn’t have brought this up to City Council until after the forgery was investigated.  How can he truly know that homeowners want this name change if some (or many) names were forged?  Since he wasn’t responsible enough to wait on this measure, Mayor Parker stepped in and said that nothing “‘is going to move until we can be assured that the community wishes have been fairly represented'”.  THANK YOU.  That is what should have been done in the first place.


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