Jolanda Jones Raised How Much?!

Council Member Jolanda Jones raised $113,586.22 in the last six months for her campaign.  She raised more than all of her announced challengers combined.  This is in the midst of allegations that Jones violated city ordinances and used her city office to conduct her personal business.  
Recently the Office of Inspector General (OIG) referred her ethics case to the DA for review.  Mayor Parker said that Jones’ situation has been a distraction in a difficult time for the City, so hopefully referring the case to the DA will allow many people to shift their focus back to more important things.
Furthermore, the former city scheduler of Jones recently said that Jones used to take her law firm computer to city hall have a city employee (on city time) schedule her law appointments.  I can understand bringing a non-city computer to the office.  If her employees needed to schedule city appointments, they might have to use another computer to check her other calendar to make sure appointments don’t conflict; however her city employees should not set law appointments on city time.  No wonder she wanted to increase the budget for her staff.  They are doing two jobs!  Now keep in mind that this employee was fired in 2008, so who knows if there is some vendetta here, but in light of the allegations against Jones, this is certainly one worthy of investigating. 
It is important to note that these complaints are just allegations right now, and she has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing; however, I still cannot fathom how she raised so much money!  I know I talk about her a lot in this blog, but her actions make me outraged.  There are so many people in Houston who would make great council members, but instead we have someone who is making a mockery of the seat. Spending our money to try to install showers in city council bathrooms, spending our money to buy pink paint for her walls and pink chairs, and spending our money to do her personal business is not someone I want in office.


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