METRO President Given the Red Light

Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) CEO and President George Greanias has been suspended for one week without pay due to allegations that he viewed adult websites while in the office.  The investigation determined that Greanias accessed more than one dozen adult oriented sites of  sexual nature over 14 days (February 9 – July 1).  Although this was viewed from his personal computer (not owned by METRO), the sites were accessed through METRO Internet during business hours.  Greanias, who makes a base salary of $235,000 a year, sent a letter to employees to apologize.
Greanias has done a great job with METRO so far, and many people on both sides of the political spectrum can appreciate how much work Greanias has put into his job.  This is why I am quite surprised by this finding.  He must have known not to look at these sites on his METRO computer (for which he most likely would have been fired), but he probably didn’t know that sites on his personal computer used on the METRO Internet would send out the red flags; however Greanias, who is expected to return back to work on August 8, should have known better!  Wasn’t he busy with METRO work?  With so many things to fix at METRO, I’m sure he could have found a better use of his time.
Greanias didn’t use the METRO computer, so it doesn’t look like he will be fired, but they should consider docking his pay for the amount of time he was on these sites.


One Response to METRO President Given the Red Light

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amy, It is more than “he should have known better!” He has a deviant behavior and was looking at children! Do we want to have a leader in our city serving that is a child predator? He needs to resign!!!

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