Early Analysis of At-Large 2 Race

Andrew C. Burks
Eric Dick
Bolivar “Bo” Fraga
Gordon R. Goss
Griff Griffin
Elizabeth C. Perez
Jennifer Rene Pool
David W. Robinson
Roslyn “Rozzy” Shorter
Kristi Thibaut

Initial reaction: too many candidates, so there will be a runoff, but is it too early to decide who will make it to the runoff?

Andrew C. Burks:
He has been seeking office since the 1990s.  Most notably he made it to the runoff in the 2009 election against incumbent Sue Lovell.  But will he garner the same support this time?  My guess is probably not.  His website is very out of date (2001?!).  Although he does have a platform listed (you would be surprised how many people have no platform at all), many of his ideas are unrealistic and far-reaching.  He says on the site, “I have a plan with innovative ideas that make sense. “  That’s nice, but what is this plan?

Eric Dick:
He just might be the dark horse in this race.  I don’t say this because of a platform or money, as both are lacking, but because of his signs all around Houston.  I’m sure you have seen them.  They are everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean those places legal and otherwise.  I just do not understand why no one is cracking down on his signs and making him move them and pay fines.  With so many candidates, I can see someone going to vote without a clear choice and then voting for Dick because they recognize his name from the signs.

Bolivar “Bo” Fraga:
He was in the Air Force, holds 3 Master degrees (Latin American Studies, Social Work, and Pastoral Studies), is a Board Member of the Greater East End Management District, and a mentor in the Mayor’s Anti-Gang Program.  Those are just a few parts to his impressive resume.  Although he definitely sounds like someone who could make a difference in this city, he is going to have to do a lot of campaigning to get his name and message out there.  If the vote was taken today, I don’t think he would make the runoff because not enough people know who he is, but there is still much time before the election to change that.

Gordon R. Goss:
He has an extremely long bio on his website, but considering people will only read a few paragraphs (if that), all they will take away is that his claim to fame is that he likes to write complaint letters to the city elected officials.  He has worked in Houston’s Affirmative Action Department and the Public Works Department, which is great, but his issues include understanding the new drainage tax, evaluating Houston’s sanctuary (misspelled on his website by the way) city policies, and understanding why the budget is so tight. Maybe it is just the way it is worded, but it makes it sound like he plans on evaluating these items once he takes office.  I don’t know about you, but I want my elected official to know about these items before taking office.

Griff Griffin:
This is his 10th time running for City Council.  10!  While I appreciate his desire to serve on City Council, 10 times just seems like 7 or so too many.

Elizabeth C. Perez:
I think Elizabeth will make a great council member.  If you have been to any meeting in Houston lately, you have probably seen her there too.  She needs to focus on standing out from the pack at this point.

Jennifer Rene Pool:
Before Kristi Thibaut got in the race, I thought Pool would be the frontrunner for democrats.  She has endorsements from Houston Stonewall Democrats and Houston GLBT Caucus, so she probably found a certain niche of voters, but I think most of the people who would have voted for her will now go for Thibaut.

David W. Robinson:
He has $53,095 in the bank as of the last reporting period.  He was a Houston Planning Commissioner.  He is known as a Montrose civic leader, and if you have been in Montrose lately, you probably saw his yard signs.  But is Montrose enough to win the election?  I don’t live in Montrose, and if I wasn’t connected and involved in this race, I honestly wouldn’t know who his is.

Roslyn “Rozzy” Shorter:
Shorter ran against Council Member Sue Lovell last election.  She also ran against Burks and Griffin and came in last place in that race.  She is going to have to do a lot to gain votes over those who beat her last time.

Kristi Thibaut:
The former House Representative and former ACORN lobbyist beat Rep. Jim Murphy in 2008, and then Murphy beat her in 2010.  Despite her loss, she has the name recognition, money, and the connections to at least make it to the runoff.   While there are a few other candidates with whom she could split votes, I think many far left and moderate left like her and will vote for her.

If the vote was held today, I think Kristi Thibaut would make it to the runoff, but it is still too early to tell who would be there with her.  We will see if she keeps her momentum to November, or we might see a different name on the runoff list.


3 Responses to Early Analysis of At-Large 2 Race

  1. Elizabeth Perez has always impressed me as a true conservative candidate. She is clearly the one that has advanced herself the most without government assistance. Three degrees, running a small business and raising a child. She is truly the peoples choice.

  2. Amy I love reading your blog and you know I love YOU, the person!!! I agree with you on a point on Mr, Gordon R. Goss, he is a complainer and really has NO real understanding outside of the Civic dealings he has had. I have one question for him, do you want some cheese with that whine???

  3. Wilbur says:

    cheese with that wine. heheeehe that was awesome

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