Early Analysis of At-Large 5 Race

Jolanda Jones
Jack Christie
Laurie Robinson
Bob Ryan

Out of all the races this election cycle, this is one of the few where I just cannot predict what will happen. 

Jolanda Jones:
Jones certainly has name recognition, but it is for less than ideal reasons.  Although she keeps getting cleared of wrongdoings, her name is constantly in the paper and on the news because of various scandals.  Although it was a close race between Jones and Christie in 2009, Jones prevailed. 

Jack Christie:
In 2009 Christie was the clear frontrunner with Jones.  So if you were a voter who was completely angered with Jones’ performance, then you voted for Christie.  I can’t say that this is the case this time.  He got in the race late, and people might not remember his name from two years ago.  It has yet to be seen if his entering so late will hurt him.

Laurie Robinson:
Robinson is the other candidate in the race who has a good chance of at least making it to a runoff.  She already has many endorsements and is quickly gathering name recognition.

Bob Ryan:
I don’t know who he is, and I cannot find a website for him.  So I can’t really analyze his presence in the race other than to say that without a website (or one that is hard to find) at this point is probably bad news.

If the election was today, I really don’t know what would happen.  Will Christie and Robinson split votes, causing Jones to prevail?  Will Jones’ name recognition (regardless of the fact that it was bad press) cause her to win after all?  Or will (maybe most likely) Jones and either Christie or Robinson make it to a run off?  We will probably need to wait until closer to the election to really analyze this further.  I think it is still too early for this one.


4 Responses to Early Analysis of At-Large 5 Race

  1. Alvin Walker says:

    Never thought I would be pointing out something good about Jolanda Jones, but here goes. She was a big help in getting the Red Light Cameras turned off. With over 180k voting on the RLC issue, those voters could be a major factor in her reelection. It will be interesting to see the 30 day out report and see who does or doesn’t have money.

  2. Bob Ryan Fan says:

    Here is Bob Ryan’s website:


  3. trevor kemp says:

    I saw that Bill White endorsed Christie today. So long Christie. I’m voting for Laurie Robinson now.

    • Fahmi says:

      Thank you Jay. It’s very interesting how the Dem party has sttaerd to turn their backs on labor. But most glaring with the teacher’s unions. Arne Duncan is another Milton Friedman disciple. It’s no mystery why Obama himself refers to Reagan as the most transformative politician in the last 30 years. That should’ve been our biggest red flag when he said that.

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