District A Deserves Better

Council Member Helena Brown allegedly altered her employees’ timecards to reduce their hours to show that they worked fewer than 40 hours/week (see here).  If true, CM Brown could face serious charges because this is a violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and is also against city policy.

Clearly the accusations against her could be damaging…. But it gets worse!  Houston Press came out with a 6 PAGE article about who is really behind CM Brown’s votes and lackluster, prepared statements at council meetings.  See the article here.  I suggest reading it because it is quite interesting.  It contains strong evidence that everything she does is orchestrated by her senior advisor, William Park, who is not a paid employee.  The story gets even more bizarre (see page 5) when she requested her staff to sign a document that basically says that she would not be held liable if her staff member had a miscarriage… ???

Read the allegations against her.  I could write pages about how livid I am to say the least, but I don’t think anyone needs me to tell them how bad this is.  All I can say is that District A deserves better.


6 Responses to District A Deserves Better

  1. Anonymous says:

    So when is she going to be arrested? What’s interesting is that you can’t turn it over to the OIG, because they report to the Legal Department who attempts to protect CMs. If she violated FLSA then she needs to pay the price. Also, sounds like falsification of City documents. It will be interesting to see if the City persues this crime and prosecutes her. We’re watching.

  2. It appears that things have gotten out of control for the new Council member. Many predicted that there would be trouble with Ms. Brown’s performance. She should resign now before she gets into serious trouble and hurts the potential for influence on events by real conservatives.

  3. Amy, you are correct. As a resident in District A, we can do better and we will do better next time we go to the polls. As time goes by, hopefully more residents will become more aware of our representative on City Council.

    • Lettyloser says:

      Ablaza is a known vindictive troublemaker. Look at her interview on off the kuff when she made her failed attempt to run for council and look at the comments. She is obviously loathed in her own community. She lies, back stabs and everything else

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