Lessons From the City of Houston

The Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security put out a new six-minute public service announcement about how to survive a shooting inside the workplace.  This video’s release is poorly timed, as it was put out just days after the deadly shooting in Aurora.  Also, I am not really sure what the purpose is to the video and why Houston spent any money at all to make it.

The video, “Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving an Active Shooter Event,” basically notifies people that in the case of a workplace shooting, you have three options: run, hide, or fight.  What?  Those are my options?  I guess my plan to flap my arms and fly away won’t work, so it’s a good thing this video cleared that up!  It also says that if you are going to hide, you should be out of the shooter’s view… isn’t that kind of the definition of hiding?  Also, is the City really advocating for potentially unarmed civilians to fight a shooter?  Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I am not sure how much money was spent to make the video, but even $1 is too much.  Why do we need a six minute video to tell people that there are three options in this situation?  What other option could there possibly be?  It reminds me of the $500,000 Astrodome study that concluded that it should either be converted or destroyed…. What other option is there??   What happened to common sense?


One Response to Lessons From the City of Houston

  1. Yesenia says:

    Amy, this post made me laugh so much. About common sense, yes, I remember a professor in college telling us that not everyone’s common sense was the same, even though it’s called ‘common’. However there is a clear line between this and plain stupidity and waste of time, such as this video. I get this feeling also when I watch some of our local news. I feel like they are talking to 10 year olds. Why are you insulting my level of intelligence when you give me advice on things?

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