Announcement for Houston City Council District A

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for Houston City Council, District A. Over the last few years, I have been asked to run again by many people in the district, and I am honored to accept the responsibility that comes with representing others.

Unfortunately, District A has suffered too long with a lack of real leadership. Instead, we have seen both apathy and political grandstanding that have both led to an absence of trust and progress in our community.

Real representation doesn’t mean voting yes every time, and it doesn’t mean voting no every time. It means listening to the community before each vote and evaluating each proposal based on its merits. I have dedicated the last seven years to working in government, and I know what it means to truly represent and help people.

I am running to:

  • Restore trust by improving constituent services
  • Responsibly care for your tax dollars
  • Strengthen HPD and HFD
  • Protect your homes from flooding

I appreciate your interest in my campaign, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have for me.  It is time for real representation in District A.

I will continue to blog about city issues on this site.  Please check out my campaign website at to stay updated about my campaign.


7 Responses to Announcement for Houston City Council District A

  1. Jack O'Connor says:

    Amy, I have followed your writing and positions over the last few years and believe you are very well qualified to represent District A. Further, you have demonstrated more knowledge and insight of Houston City Government than most of those on the Council. While I am not running for a city office, your interest in pursuing a City Council position gives me great confidence in the future of the Houston. You have my support, and I look forward to your campaign.

  2. Steven Houston says:

    I’d like to know what you believe constitutes strengthening HFD and HPD. Do you mean force the city to pay more into their retirement funds as statutorily required, hiring more of each group, deploying those we have more wisely, and/or pay them better? Even if you were the sole voice for doing these things, it would mean a lot for morale given the continuous attacks we face on earned benefits in light of the sacrifices we have repeatedly made to better assist the city. Thanks!

    • peckblog says:

      Yes to all of the above. HPD officers and HFD firefighters are so important to our city, and I will make sure that they are treated like the heroes that they truly are. Also, I will strengthen our HPD storefronts to make sure that we have plenty of officers in our neighborhoods, and I will make sure that our HFD stations are fully equipped at all times.

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